2017/2018 Blaze Tryouts


The Blaze Lacrosse Club is pleased to announce tryout dates for the following graduation years:

Grad years    2020,2021 and U-15  will be held  Wednesday Aug. 23rd @ TSE Elmgrove 2021,2020 and U15 or Orange Team 8:00pm-9:30pm

Grad  Years 2023 (Blaze Blue)  will be held on Wednesday Aug. 23rd @ TSE Elmgrove  2023 Blue Team Tryouts 6:30pm-8:00pm

   This tryout is for the fall (2017) and summer (2018)  Blaze lacrosse club seasons

All tryouts are indoors at Total sports experience 800 Elmgrove Rd. , Gates,NY

Tryout fee $20.00 ,

 Due to anticipated large numbers pre registration is strongly suggested

To register for 2020,2021 and U-15 click here :...http://blazelacrosse.leagueapps.com/events/387900-blaze-tryouts-grades-2021-and-2020-and-orange--3-teams

To register for Blaze Blue (2023) click here:  http://blazelacrosse.leagueapps.com/events/387903-...

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